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Daniel Mahoney
(Football Director)

Daniel is a distinguished former professional football player with an impressive 17-year career encompassing over 600 games across various levels. He commenced his career at 16, earning a professional contract and playing before vast audiences, including the FA Cup, alongside exceptional teammates. Daniel has since held coaching contracts in private-sector football academies, schools, local grassroots clubs, and community leagues. His extensive experience in the field has enriched his expertise and knowledge of the sport.

Danny is responsible for all aspects of player development, including curriculum and coaching improvement and player assessments and training plans.

Daniel Mahoney
David Fraser

David Fraser
(Player Development)

David focuses on adding value to those desiring to achieve by promoting “peace of mind” strategies. David’s professional background combines government, corporate and small business experience. In 2005, his philanthropic work led to the establishment of The Solution Network Australia Foundation to focus on supporting communities, promoting their strengths, engaging with their young people and helping create jobs. David has contributed to research on stress-onset psychological and biological barriers to high performance. David has honed a set of core competencies, and using a hands-on approach, he has found long-lasting benefits for those he supports.

David is responsible for all aspects of player mindset development and continuous improvement of our core software capabilities.

Tanya Fraser
(Academy Director)

With an extensive career spanning 25+ years in business and leadership, Tanya has honed her expertise in developing and executing exceptional people-led strategic plans. Her skill set includes talent acquisition and retention, implementing training programs, coaching and skill development to drive business growth, advocacy, and fostering a culture of excellence. Tanya’s experience within one of Australia’s largest and high-performing financial institutions, Westpac Banking Corporation, equipped her with the strategic acumen, stakeholder influence, and confidence to establish and excel in her role as the head of Kinetic Solutions, a consultancy firm specialising in training, coaching, and mentoring.

Tanya is responsible for player recruitment, collaborations, partner and brand management, and parent/guardian support.

Tanya Fraser

EliteEdge is a project of The Solution Network Australia Foundation.

Developing Self-Confidence and Self-Worth Through Football!

The Solution Network Australia Foundation

"EliteEdge Football Academy, a brainchild of experienced professionals in the football arena, aligns perfectly with the Foundation’s vision."

“Strengthening our communities and empowering individuals to reach their full potential.”

The Solution Network Australia Foundation

The Solution Network Australia Foundation

EliteEdge’s personalised coaching approach mirrors our dedication to empowering individuals. By focusing on each young footballer’s unique skills and potential, EliteEdge is not just training athletes; it’s shaping confident, well-rounded young people.

In the dynamic world of sports, mental resilience is key. EliteEdge’s commitment to its players’ mental and physical well-being resonates with our goal of promoting overall health and wellness in our communities.

Football is more than a game; it’s a community builder. EliteEdge’s programs foster a sense of belonging and teamwork, contributing to the social fabric of our communities, much like our initiatives at Solutions.

EliteEdge's use of cutting-edge assessment and training plan software exemplifies our shared value of embracing innovation for impactful change. This technology-driven approach ensures that every young athlete receives the attention and guidance they need to excel.EliteEdge’s

EliteEdge Football Academy
Empowering Women and Girls Through Football

Empowering Girls and Women Through Football: Striding Forward

“Empowering Girls and Women Through Football” is more than just a training program; it’s a movement.

Through skill development sessions, workshops, and community activities, we create a holistic experience that transcends the traditional boundaries of sport. Our participants grow as athletes and influential members of society, ready to lead and inspire, fostering an environment where confidence, skill, and community converge.
Boosting Confidence and Self-Worth

We believe in nurturing a strong sense of self in every participant. Our program is designed to build personal confidence, helping each player recognise and embrace their unique strengths and capabilities.

Enhancing Mental and Physical Well-Being

The well-being of our players is paramount. Through structured training and supportive coaching, we aim to enhance both mental resilience and physical fitness, creating a foundation for a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

Skill Development and Community Engagement

We focus on refining football skills to enhance competitiveness and selection capability while encouraging community engagement and network expansion. This dual approach fosters a sense of belonging and active participation on and off the field.

Championing Gender Equality & Economic Opportunities

As advocates for gender equality in sports, our program includes discussions and activities that highlight the shifting social landscape. We aim to empower our players with the knowledge and opportunities to leverage their skills for economic and personal advancement in the world of sports.

Embracing Every Ability

At EliteEdge, we believe in the power of football to bring people together, regardless of their abilities.
Our EliteEdge Champions program is designed to create a welcoming and adaptive environment for young enthusiasts who wish to experience the joy and camaraderie of football.
Our goal is to foster an inclusive community where every participant feels valued and empowered to reach their personal best.
With specialised coaching and tailored training sessions, we focus on enhancing each player’s strengths, encouraging teamwork, and promoting physical and emotional well-being.
EliteEdge Champions is more than just a football program; it celebrates diversity, resilience, and the unifying spirit of sports.

EliteEdge Champions
EliteEdge Futures

Nurturing Tomorrow’s Stars

EliteEdge Futures is dedicated to guiding young individuals on their journey to self-discovery and growth through the dynamic world of football.
This program is a beacon for those seeking direction, motivation, and a sense of belonging. We aim to inspire and cultivate each participant’s potential, helping them develop as players and confident and responsible young people.
Combining football training with life skills workshops and mentorship, EliteEdge Futures offers a holistic approach to personal development.
We focus on building character, fostering positive decision-making, and encouraging a lifelong love for the sport.

Building Bridges to Success

EliteEdge Pathways is designed for young individuals eager to explore the intersection of football, education, and career opportunities. This program serves as a gateway to new horizons, offering guidance and support in navigating the path to a fulfilling future.
Our mission is to empower participants with the tools and knowledge necessary to succeed on and off the field.
Through a blend of football training, educational support, and career counselling, EliteEdge Pathways provides a comprehensive framework for success.
We assist in unlocking each participant’s potential, ensuring they are well-equipped for the challenges and opportunities ahead.

EliteEdge Pathways

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Nurturing the Next Generation through Football

Unlock Your Child’s Football Potential with EliteEdge.

Shaping Tomorrow’s Football Legends, One Player at a Time.

EliteEdge empowers aspiring footballers with the skills, knowledge, and confidence they need to excel. Through personalised coaching and early intervention, we commit to nurturing each player’s unique potential, ensuring they are equipped to face future challenges in the sport.

Is your child’s football talent going unnoticed and undeveloped?

EliteEdge offers a personalised training program
designed to identify and fill skill gaps, setting your child on the path to football excellence.

The Benefits of EliteEdge.

Player growth and development nurtured by
expert guidance and support.

Curriculum Focused

Structured progressive training based on Football Australia (FAA) and English Football (FA) Youth Academy curriculum.

Assessment Driven

Pre and post-assessments built by professional players and leading research guide the development of each individual player’s skills.

Personal Training Plans

Assessment-driven data and individually crafted training plans and elite practice guides to address individual skill gaps.

Progress Tracked

Leading athlete training and tracking software for every player to guide and enhance their personal development journey

We are committed...

to all levels of improvement for individuals, teams, and the program on and off the field.

EliteEdge Nurtures Individual Potential


EliteEdge Helps to Excel in Football


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